March 24, 2016

Well...., we had a great turn out for our information meeting about Irises. Brian Porter had a great number of pictures of all kinds of irises. I am sure everyone learned a little (or a lot), and left the meeting eager for spring and their gardens, and the prospect of some new irises to try. Because we had a stellar turnout I am posting the handout here for those of you who missed picking one up.

Thank you Brian, for the informative talk about irises.

For those looking at the handout here is the key.

MDB - Miniature Dwarf Bearded

SDB - Standard Dwarf Bearded

IB - Intermediate Bearded

MTB - Miniature Tall Bearded

BB - Border Bearded

TB - Tall Bearded

If you missed the presentation, the Canadian Iris Society has a website with tips on how to grow irises, and the different growing conditions preferred by bearded iris and Siberian iris.