Peter Langer 1922-2012

Born in Upper Silesia, Germany, Peter Langer emigrated to North America as a young boy. He obtained degrees in Veterinary Science from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University, specializing in virology. He became the Director of Veterinary Biologics, Canada.

He married Marjorie Dyment in 1946 and they had two sons, Thomas Langer who resides in Saskatoon and William Langer of Hawaii.

Peter loved gardening and was a long time member of the Saskatchewan Perennial Society. He served on the Board from 1996 to 1998 and was President of the SPS in 1997. After his passing in October of 2012, Marjorie donated a collection of his gardening books and magazines to our society for the continued enjoyment of our members.

Peter loved pencil drawing and watercolours. He painted grain elevators, churches and old barns across the prairies. He completed several ink sketches of the Superintendent's Residence, and some watercolours of the waterfowl pond at the Forestry Farm Park.

Superintendent's Residence - Ink Drawing by Peter Langer

Water Fowl Pond - Watercolour - Peter Langer - 1995