Robert Erskine 1914-2003

Like many other plant breeders Robert Erskine had a co-operative relationship with his contemporaries, Bert Porter, Percy Wright, Robert Simonet and others. Besides correspondence these men shared plant material, and tested each others introductions in different locations and soil conditions.

Robert grew up in Oyen, Alberta and moved in 1934 with his family to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, at that time most of his energies in the garden were for the express purpose of putting food on the table. After World War 2 he was able to buy a hilly quarter of land and his experimentation with apples and other fruits began. He had a great memory and most of his information came from reading books and catalogues in the winter months. He developed 'Carlos Queen' and 'Leafland' apples.

Robert Erskine considered his 'Prairie Peace' rose to be his most worthy introduction. This Altai hybrid of BEAUTY OF LEAFLAND X HAZELDEAN has semi double flowers and blooms profusely in the spring with recurring blooms throughout the year. WARNING ...this fragrant beauty succers profusely and like 'Hazeldean' needs a firm hand to keep it contained.