Les Kerr 1902-1983

The second Superintendent of the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station, Les Kerr, the son of a nurseryman, developed a love of plants early in life. Before coming to Sutherland in 1942, he worked for the experimental farm in Rosthern and later at the Morden Research Station.

He had a keen interest in developing fruit bearing trees for use in shelterbelts, which would provide valuable habitat for small birds and mammals. He also had an appreciation for the ornamental value of trees and shrubs in the urban landscape and developed several crabapple varieties, which can be seen at the Forestry Farm Park.

Les Kerr was a conservationist and would often save wildlife, it was not uncommon to see cages with his 'rescue' animals lining Ash Avenue the original entrance to the Nursery Station. It is somehow fitting that the City of Saskatoon established the zoo at this site in 1972.

Introductions by Les Kerr that can be viewed in the Heritage Rose Garden:

'Sutherland Golden' elder

'Goldenlocks' elder

'Fuchsia Girl' rosybloom flowering crabapple