Plant Exchange

The Society holds two plant exchanges per year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall. These are held at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo in the Auditorium. A $4.50 parking fee is in effect for the Spring event.  These are "member-only" events, but memberships are available at the door for $10.00.

How does it work?

Members bring plants that have outgrown their space and need to be divided, or they may bring some extra special plant that they want to share with others. Please label plants and indicate if they prefer sun or shade. Plants donated get put on tables provided. Participants receive a ticket as they enter the auditorium. As your ticket is drawn you have the opportunity to choose from any plants that have been donated. After three rounds of draws, or when all participants have chosen three plants, we usually have a free for all in which everyone can take any plant material still remaining.

What if I don't have any plants to bring?

Some of you are just starting out and may not have any plants to bring. No problem, you can still participate because as a rule there are plenty of plants to go around. Along with the exchange we usually have refreshments and dainties. So if you have no plants to bring you can still bring dainties.

Something Extra - Plant Sale

In the last few years, the Society has brought in plants for the Spring plant exchange. The profit from the sale of these plants helps to keep membership costs down and assists us in providing information meetings in the Fall and Winter. Since lots of greenhouses focus on annuals, the choice in perennials is sometimes pretty small, so we focus on bringing in some plants that may ordinarily not be readily available.

For dates of upcoming events check the SPS Calendar page.