News from our Librarians - 2020

By Nancy Senior and Bev McLeod

Items in the SPS Library are sorted into the following categories:

  1. Alpine/Rock Gardens
  2. Bulbs
  3. Design/Colour/Landscape - the largest category
  4. DVD
  5. General Perennials
  6. Grasses/Wild Flowers
  7. Prairie/Canada - probably the most popular category, for practical purposes
  8. Reference/History
  9. Specific Perennials
  10. Trees/Shrubs/Vines

The number on the spine of each book indicates the order of acquisition; the higher the number, the more recently we received the item. Some of the books also have a small coloured sticker, indicating the category. Sometimes classifying is hard, as a book could be placed in more than one section. For example, Creating the Prairie Xeriscape by Sara Williams, and Garden Design for the Short Season Yard by Lyndon Penner could be considered as belonging to either Design or to Prairies.

Our 2019 acquisitions are listed below, with the library number in parentheses

Category 3 - Design/Colour/Landscape

Shein, Christopher. The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture, 2013 (483)

Instead of planting a new vegetable garden every spring, how about having one that returns each year on its own. Though some of the suggestions are more suitable for milder climates, others could be a worthwhile challenge in our cold conditions.

Category 4 - DVD

Recreating Eden, Season Two, 2006 (480) and Recreating Eden, Season Five, 2006 (481)

Visit wonderful gardens and the people who create them. These two DVDs are reviewed in News from our Librarians - 2019

Category 9 - Specific Perennials

McGeorge, Patricia. Peonies, 2006. (484)

In view of the many fine peonies growing in Saskatchewan, the contents of this book should not be considered out of reach for gardeners here. You might say it has one root in the inspiration area and another in the prairies.

Category 10 - Trees/Shrubs/Vines

Ronald, Wilbert and Phillip, Trees for Northern Landscapes, 2017 (482)

This book published in Manitoba, could also have been placed in Prairies/Canada section