Gardening Column

The Saskatchewan Perennial Society has provided a weekly gardening column to Saskatoon citizens since 2007. Originally this column was published in the Sun, the Sunday paper of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix. This column was provided as a free public service by the Saskatchewan Perennial Society and in return we were given the opportunity to publish our events and that of other non-profit societies.

When the Sun was discontinued Erl Svendsen our co-ordinator/editor of the column was able to negotiate the printing of the Gardening column in the new "Bridges" edition, which is distributed to Star Phoenix subscribers during the week.

Unfortunately, Bridges is no longer published in Saskatchewan, and they have opted not to publish our column going forward.

Many thanks to Sara Williams, who co-ordinated the column from January 2007 to the summer of 2010, and to Erl Svendsen for taking over this post and delivering an article once a week till December 2017. We are also grateful to the many contributors to the column and encourage other Saskatchewan Perennial Society members to consider sharing their knowledge of perennials. Our current co-ordinator for the Column is Michelle Petrisor.

Our garden column is published on our Facebook page. and in some weeklies across the province, such as the PA Herald and on the SaskToday website if you search 'Garden Chat'.