Our Roots

In 1988 a group of gardeners got together to compare notes on which perennials were hardy in the Saskatoon area. They would visit each others' gardens and share plant material amongst each other. Thinking that perhaps there were other like minded individuals in Saskatchewan that could have information to share, they put out the call and formed the Saskatchewan Perennial Society. Some 20 plus years later, little has changed, perhaps at times we are more organized and at others we just coast along, but our core belief of sharing information about perennial plants, shrubs, trees, and sometimes even annuals remains and keeps us going.

The subpages feature excerpts of newsletters of the Saskatchewan Perennial Society that mark milestones (as I see them) within our organization. Each newsletter used to include information about the organization, program announcements, minutes of meetings of the Steering Committee or the Board of Directors, as well as articles about gardening, perennials, trees or shrubs.

Perennials available 10 years ago may not be available today, so I have opted to reprint articles with very basic information. For example, how to build a rock garden (January 1989), basic requirements for peonies, irises and lilies (November 1988).

S.P.S Newsletter, May 1988 was the first newsletter sent out by the fledgling organization. Hats off to Ted Christensen and his typing crew, who produced eight typewritten pages of information every two months till January 1990, when Catherine McCormick took over this task. Besides the Founding Meeting and the first Steering Committee Meeting minutes this issue also included an article on "Veronicas or Speedwells" by Sara Williams and "Bearded Beauties" an article about irises by Ted Christensen.

Flora Borealis, November 1988, our newsletter gets a new name. The major announcement in this newsletter was the announcement of the first Annual Meeting to be held on November 1988. Besides the article printed here, this newsletter included an article about "Dormancy in Plants" by Grant Wood, "Experiences with Tree Peonies" by Brian Porter, and "What is Meewasin up to" by Robin Smith.

Flora Borealis, January 1989 reported on the first AGM and the first actual Board of Directors elected. Besides the announcements and minutes of meetings and the articles reprinted here it also contained an article "Anemones & Campanulas" by Sara Williams, "The Woodlanders" by F.P. Healey, and "Roses" by Rae Odishaw.

Our Logo

The Saskatchewan Perennial Society logo was designed by Colin Davis.

The Design symbolizes the involvement of people represented in the flower petals or arms reaching up to the arching border or rather, the sun.

The leaves rising up from the soil suggest growth, vegetative, yes, but perhaps growth of a society and the individuals participating, growth of friendship and knowledge all resulting from sharing as well as caring for those precious beauties around us.

Today the logo is usually printed in one color only. Sometimes in dark green, but more often in black. To see the original logo check out Flora Borealis, July 1989.

Board of Directors

The Following is a list of people who have served on the board of the Saskatchewan Perennial Society.

Board of Directors Archive