New Acquisitions


Tulips for North American Gardens (2001) by Brent & Becky Heath

For the Love of Lilies - The history of Honeywood (a play) DVD recorded by the Shellbrook Host Players (2011)

Recreating Eden - The renegade scientist & You grow girl - DVD published by Eden Entertainment

Arboretum America (2003) by Diana Beresford-Kroeger (the renegade scientist)

Journal of National Roses Canada - binder of copies 2003-2008

The Rose Rambler newsletter vol 1-12 - CD from the Saskatchewan Rose Society


Creating the Prairie Xeriscape - Revised and Updated (2013) by Sara Williams


Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo: A Photographic History (2014) by Sara Williams

The Prairie Short Season Yard: Quick and Beautiful on the Canadian Prairies (2014) by Lyndon Penner


Garden Design for the Short Season Yard: Everything You Need to Know for the Chinook and Canadian Prairie Zones (2015) by Lyndon Penner


Native Plants for the Short Season Yard: Best Picks for the Chinook and Canadian Prairie Zones (2016) by Lyndon Penner


Recreating Eden, Season Two, (2006) DVD (480)

Recreating Eden, Season Five, (2006) DVD (481)

Trees for Northern Landscapes, (2017) by Wilbert and Phillip Ronald (482)

The Vegetable Gardener's Guide to Permaculture, (2013) by Christopher Shein (483)

Peonies, (2006) by Patricia McGeorge (484)